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Abhinesh Jit (AJ)
Vice President of Finance
(707) 746-1233 Ext. 101 | Email

After graduating from CSU Sacramento with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, concentration in Accountancy, Abhinesh (“AJ”) started his accounting career with a CPA firm in 2005 and in that same year he was entrusted with Quality Erectors & Construction, Inc.'s (“QEC”) financial statements and tax returns.  From January 2005 through November 2015, AJ was the main contact and representative of the CPA firms to QEC.  During this period, he was in-charge of QEC's financial statements, tax returns, various consulting projects and various third party representation of the CPA firms for QEC. 

 In May 2017, with Joy Vaughn, Vice President of Finance and Operations, preparing for semi-retirement, AJ was asked to join QEC’s to fulfill Joy’s role and duties. AJ now oversees the daily operations of the accounting and finance departments and is responsible for devising policies and strategies for QEC.

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