Safety Planning Results in a More Successful Project Outcome

The key word in every quality construction project is safety. At QEC, our safety program is engineered by construction experts from the top of our organization. All of our Ironworkers have completed a minimum OSHA 10 training, with many having completed OSHA 30 and more extensive safety programs. We have on staff an experienced IVES certified equipment and two OSHA instructors to ensure each crew member is certified prior to being scheduled on site.

Each PEMB and custom metal fabrication project has a safety plan with measurable goals and everyone on the project team is responsible for meeting and exceeding those goals. In the end, the true effectiveness of our safety programs shows in our ability to manage and contain safety-related costs.

QEC’s Safety Statement

  • QEC currently holds a .67 EMR with the WRICB. 
  • We actively develop, monitor and enforce safety policies. All employees are required to adhere to those policies as a condition of employment or involvement in a project.
  • Every member of the team is responsible for providing the safest possible on-site environment that is free from recognized hazards.
  • QEC provides training for workers in sound safety practices.
  • QEC provides information to workers about common safety issues and safe practices.
  • QEC regularly recognizes safe working practices through an ongoing safety awards program.