Services / Value Engineering

Value Engineering Integrates the Highest Standards with the Best Price

QEC’s engineering specialists strive to implement innovative and efficient ideas that result in outstanding long-term improvements to the building design and sustainability. We take pride in our value engineering capabilities and use a team approach bringing together our talented design and experienced estimating professionals to implement the highest standards while maintaining the best price possible.

A major advantage of the QEC design/build process is the ability to establish costs up front before going through an entire bidding process only to find that the project is over budget. Value engineering begins with a thorough analysis of the your project requirements. We’ll look at ways to streamline the construction and reduce costs with a mix of specialty pre-engineered design and custom fabrication that incorporates a smart selection of products and finishes. Your project is then completed by our highly-skilled, safety-first construction team.

When our engineering team is involved early in the project and have input into the architectural and structural designs, we can eliminate the need for costly and time consuming re-engineering due primarily to budget over-runs.