SJCC Maintenance & Ops Bldg

SJCC Maintenance & Ops Bldg

The new San Jose City College Maintenance & Operations Building serves as the permanent home for both the maintenance and operations departments of the College. The building consists of maintenance shops, grounds maintenance equipment and material storage, custodial supply storage as well as an Emergency Operations Center.

QEC did not supply the materials for this complex DSA project, but coordinated with a sole supplier, the general contractor and various material vendors to coordinate delivery and install of a CBC metal building with decking on a second-floor mezzanine and the roof, AWIP roof panels, an AEP soffit and a complex wall system which was finished off with a NorthClad rain screen panel system. The wall system was comprised by faced insulation stuffed within the horizontal metal girt cavity with vertical SMARTci green girts running vertically which held rigid board in place, all of which was sealed by VaproShield underlayment, which was then all concealed by the clean finish of the NorthClad panels.

This building was as complex as it is beautiful and took a lot of creativity to erect in the field, working around mature trees and an active parking lot/roadway. Its exposed steel, clean finishes and functionality is a true testament to what you can do with metal buildings and a result that QEC can be proud of, far into the future.

Project Name: SJCC Maintenance and Operations Bldg.

Architect: AEDIS Architects

Location: San Jose, CA

Building SF: 17,000

Manufacturer: CBC Bldg Systems including all the main/secondary and mezzanine framing

Roof System: AWIP 40" Wide SR2 over 1-1/2" B-Decking

Wall Systems: Northclad AL Dual Interlocking 36" Wide Panels, over Green Hat Channels, over Rigid Board and underlayment

Soffit Panels: Morin 12" Wide Perforated Panels

End Use: College Campus Services Bldg